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I downloaded the 1Click DVD Copy software and immediately installed it. After installation I clicked on the desktop icon and the software's interface popped up. A very simple, user-friendly interface asking you to insert the DVD and click "Start". I was expecting something else. Were was all the mishmash of check boxes and drop down menus? Then I realized there's a subtly placed "Options" button on the main interface. I clicked it, and again got a simple easy to understand and navigate interface. No overwhelming slew of clutter. Thank God!

I also realized that this truly was a "1 Click" product. Select your options (Only if you need to make changes to the default settings ) and click start and voila, 1Click DVD Copy starts copying the DVD to your hard disk or to a blank DVD. Sweeeet! Because 1Click DVD Copy is so easy to use, it's great for any user. In fact my 8 year old daughter knows how to use it. The learning curve is almost negligible.This is great for those who don't have to much experience using computers.

One thing to note is that, 1Click DVD Copy needs a third party decrypter to be able to copy encrypted (as in "copy protected") DVDs. This is hardly an issue, since a great decrypter called "DVD43" is freely and easily available online. With DVD43 running in the background you can copy and backup virtually any DVD.


Feature Set: Excellent

 IClick DVD Copy comes with a feature set that would please the vast majority of users out there. One great feature is the ability to copy episodic discs such as Seinfeld or The Sopranos. Believe it or not some DVD Copy programs still do not support this.That's unacceptable since most popular TV series are now available on DVD. With 1Click DVD Copy you will have no issues copying these discs. My Seinfeld DVD was backed up perfectly.

Another great feature is the ability to copy to different media. 1 Click DVD Copy will copy to a standard blank DVD-5, or to a dual-layer DVD-9, or to your computer's hard drive. You don't want to be limited to where and to what you can copy something, so this is a great feature to have. Copying from a Hollywood movie disc to a blank DVD-5 usually requires compression. 1Click DVD Copy has an excellent compression engine so that the copy comes out as close to perfect as possible.

Excellent User Friendliness

1Click DVD Copy is a very user friendly program. It has a simple interface for both the main window and the options window. For more advanced options it uses the right click function of your mouse. Most of these advaced options only need to be set once. Now I don't know about you, but I don't like cluttered software interfaces. This is something we don't have to worry about with 1Click DVD Copy.

This software will automatically detect the size of the movie to be copied and adjust it's compression settings accordingly so you get the best possible picture quality. There no need for the user to make compression adjustments.

To backup encrypted DVDs all you have to do is install an external decrypter like DVD43, which can be easily found online, and away you go. The decrypter will run in the background while 1Click DVD Copy does it's thing.

Update Frequency: Excellent

The manufacturer of 1Click DVD Copy provides timely updates for its products. This is necessary as DVD structure (in terms of how a DVD is authored} becomes increasingly complex. Sometimes a DVD Copy program will have trouble reading certain DVDs because they do not use a standard structure. If a problematic DVD is reported, then 1Click DVD Copy is updated to overcome the problem. How cool is that?

Copy Quality: Excellent

 I made copies of 2 movies to test the copy quality. One movie had lots of dark scenes and the other had fast action scenes. The reason I chose these types of movies for testing purposes is because dark scenes and scenes with lots of quick action really test the compression quality. To my delight both movies came out excellent. Even with compression it's was difficult to tell that you were watching a compressed copy.

Customer Support: Excellent

I really didn't need customer support for anything since 1Click DVD Copy gave me no reason to contact the manufacturer. However, in the interest of research I contacted their support through email with a fabricated issue. To my surprise, I received a reply the exact same day with a solution to my..ahem..so called "problem". Normally you would expect a reply in about 24 to 48 hours, so getting a reply before that was a unique experience. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Program Stability: Excellent

There were no stability issues experienced while I was using 1Click DVD Copy to backup my movies. For testing purposes and for extra measure I had 7 other programs open and running while I copied the movies. 1Click DVD Copy gave me absolutely no problems, although it took a little longer to complete the copy due to limited CPU resources, but that's expected. For practical purposes though, it is suggested that you don't have too many resource intensive applications running while doing any kind of media work. Suffice it to say that 1Click DVD Copy is a robust piece of software.

Ease Of Setup: Excellent

Installation was a breeze and uninstalling was just as easy. As withe all software, we suggest that you don't have any other programs running when you install 1Click DVD Copy.

Value: Excellent

1Click DVD Copy offers excellent value for the price you pay. It's simplicity of use along with its many features and the excellent customer service makes this piece of software a bargain.

- DVD Mike




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Well, there you have it! In summary, below are some pros and cons regarding 1Click DVD Copy:

  • Produces Excellent Results
  • Episodic Support
  • Frequently Updated
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Dual Layer Support
  • User Friendly with Simple Interface
  • Removes CSS Copy Protection
  • Excellent Value
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Free Bonus of "Copy To DVD"

  • Need To Install External Decrypter to Copy Encrypted DVDs.
Note: This can be taken as a pro or a con, depending on where in the world you live. It is illegal in some places for DVD copy software to come with built-in decryption, but an external  decryption utility that can integrate into the main DVD Copying application is allowed. I don't feel that this is really a negative point, but we've listed it here, because, although very simple, it's still an extra step.
- DVD Mike

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